Sunday, August 28, 2011

Been interesting around here...

Well, the last few days have been intersting. You would think that a guy (or gal) could go out on a photo-walk, and not have that many major incidents.  I get home the other night, and end up having to run in with my wife.  This is what happened...

Now let us talk about baby photography.  Shallow depth of field seems to be the norm in the industry that is baby photography.  The dreamy soft edges and the loving gaze of mom and dad are what we are going for.  Shoot for the eyes, and make them sparkle!  The depth of field is great, but if you can not nail the eyes you have lost the shot. 

This is where I love the focus lock, and then recompose the shot.  Focus on the eyes, hold the focal point, then readjust and put the subject just off center.  This will make the shots pop!  

Oh, and welcome to the world Mackenna! 

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